Heel pain can also occur in children, most commonly between ages 8 and 13, as they become increasingly active in sports activity in and out of school. This physical activity, particularly jumping, inflames the growth centers of the heels; the more active the child, the more likely the condition will occur. When the bones mature, the problems disappear and are not likely to recur. If heel pain occurs in this age group, podiatric care is necessary to protect the growing bone and to provide pain relief.  You will not need to wait until the child is skeletally mature and finished growing to get the pain to resolve.

Treatment may include:

Stretching exercise and program

Oral or topical NSAIDS (anti inflammatories)

Cortisone Injection

Night splint

Physical Therapy

Over the counter inserts or custom orthotics

AmnioFix or Platelet Rich Plasma Injections

Surgical Intervention


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